Czasopisma zagraniczne online (free-online)

1. Advanced Rescue Technology (ang.)

Subject (key words): rescue, technology, rescue equipment

2. AeroSafety World Magazine (ang.)

Subject (key words): planes, aviation safety, aviation industry, helicopter safety,

3. Annals of Forest Science (ang.) – Journal of Forestry and Environmental Sciences

Subject (key words): forestry, silviculture, environmental sceinces

4. Archives of Foundry Engineering (Archiwum Odlewnictwa) (ang.)

Subject (key words): foundry engineering, waste management, moulding, furnace, casting, cast alloys

5. Aviation Fire Journal (ang.)

Subject (key words): aviation, accident of planes, fire engine, fire prevention, fire-fighting technique

Subject (key words): emergency management research and practice

6. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management (ang.)

Subject (key words): conservation biology, forest dynamics, natural resource extension, science-based information, socio-economics, sustainable ecosystem management, watershed management

7. Biomas Conversion and Refinery (ang.)

Subject (key words): engineering, biomass, gasoline, waste

8. Brand aus (niem.)

Subject (key words): organisation of fire service, fire, fire engine, fire techniques

9. Canadian Firefighter (ang.)

Subject (key words): organisation of fire service, firefighting tactics, fire, fire engine

10. Carbon Balance and Management (ang.)

Subject (key words): global carbon cycle, climate, atmospheric carbon dioxide, terrestrial biospheres, oceanic biospheres

11. Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal (ang.)

Subject (key words): EMS, rescue, education, training, HazMat, industry, health, management, technology, fire

12. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering (ang.)

Subject (key words): chemical engineering, petroleum engineering,

13. Chemical Processing com. (ang. – wolny dostęp po zalogowaniu się)

Subject (key words): operating plants, chemical industry, safe environment, installation, designing

14. Chemistry International (ang.)

Subject (key words): organic chemistry, quantum chemistry, physical chemistry, toxic substance, chemistry industry

15. Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils (ang.)

Subject (key words): processing of petroleum and natural gas and cracking, refining techniques, production of high-quality fuels, oils, greases, specialty fluids, additives and synthetics, demulsification, desalting, and desulfurizing of crude oil, new flow plans for refineries; platforming, isomerization, catalytic reforming, and alkylation processes for obtaining aromatic hydrocarbons and high-octane gasoline; methods of producing ethylene, acetylene, benzene, acids, alcohols, esters

16. Climate Change (ang.)

Subject (key words): climatic variability, climatic change, climate-related discipline

17. Combustion and Flame (ang.)

Subject (key words): fire research, flame, fundamentals of combustion phenomena, experimental investigations, theoretical investigations, combustion technologies

18. Combustion, Explosions and Shock Waves (ang.) – patrz. Fizika Gorenija i Vzryva

Subject (key words): detonation, explosion, combustion, modelling, hazardous materials

19. Construction Innovation (ang., fr.)

Subject (key words): fire research, construction, fire prevention, conferences, laboratory

20. Environmental Health Perspectives (ang.)

Subject (key words): impact environment, human health, research

21. Fire and Materials(ang.)

Subject: materials, fire research, modelling, flammability, fire retardant, polymers, natural products, properties of combustion products

22. Fire and Rescue (ang.)

Subject (key words): rescue, firefighting foam, fire technology, vehicles, disaster

23. Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment (ang.)

Subject (key words): fire equipment, training, fire apparatus, fire engine

24. Firefighting in Canada (ang.)

Subject (key words): fire service, firefighting, fire departments, EMS, NFPA

25. Fire Engineers – Indian Journals (ang.) – open access po zalogowaniu się

Subgject (key words): foster, enhance and augment the science, practise and business of fire extinction, fire prevention, fire engineering

26. Fire Management Today (ang.)

Subject (key words): techniques and technologies in wildland firefighting, firefighter safety, fire safety

27. Fire Safety Journal (ang.)

Subject (key words): fire dynamics, active fire protection systems, passive fire protection methods, people/fire interactions, fire safety management, assessment and quantification of fire risk, fire investigation, fire safety design, fire safety legislation, fire safety education

28. Fizyka Gorenija i Vzriva (ros.) – w wersji angielskiej jako „Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves”

Subject (key words): explosions, fire research, combustion

29. Forest@ – Journal of Silviculture and Forest Ecology (ang., wł.)

Subject (key words): silviculture, forest ecology, ecophysiology, conservation genetics, forest biodiversity, forest management

30. HazMat Management Magazine (ang.)

Subject (key words): soil remediation, clean technology, waste, hazardous materials, safety environment

31. Heat and Mass Transfer (ang.)

Subject (key words): thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, chemical engineering, CFD, material properties, heat and mass transfer

32. Health Information Management Journal (ang.)

Subject (key words): health care, information management, workforce planning, empirical research

33. Industrial Fire Journal (ang.)

Subject (key words): firefighting foams, risk assessment, tank storage protection, protective clothes, airports

34. Industrial Fire World Magazine (ang.)

Subject (key words): risk assessment, HazMat, protection, fire, disasters, explosions, industry

35. Information & Security: an International Journal (ang.)

Subject (key words): information security, social security, security policies, information technology, C4ISR technologies, knowledge management

36. International Fire Fighter(ang.)

Subject (key words): rescue, USAR, fire fighting tactics, accidents, natural disasters

37. International Journal of Database Management System (ang.)

Subject (key words): database management systems, information networks, constraint modelling and processing, information security

38. International Journal of Fluid Dynamics (ang.)

Subject (key words): wake dynamics, jets, bluff body flows, shear and boundary layers, turbulence, aeroacoustics, rotating flows

39. Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology (ang.)

Subject (key words): multiscale characterization, modeling and experiments, constitutive Relations, elastic behavior, environmental effects, fatigue, fracture,

high-temperature creep, mechanical behavior, metals, polymers, ceramics, biomaterials, nanostructured materials, intermetallics and their composites, microstructure property relationships, phase transformations in materials

40. International Journal of Steel Structures (ang.)

Subject (key words): design, structure types, steel structural research, non-linear behavior, fire, dynamics, transmission towers, bridges, marine vessels, storage tanks, pressure vessels, aerospace, pipelines

41. International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management and Applied Sciences and Technologies (ang.)

Subject (key words): engineering, technology, applied sciences

42. Journal of Earth System Science (ang.)

Subject (key words): solid earth, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere

43. Journal of Medical Emergency Service (ang.)

Subject (key words): EMS, rescue, health care, accidents, paramedic

44. The Journal of Fire British Service Association (ang.)

Subject (key words): organisation of fire service, fire engine,

45. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management (ang.)

Subject (key words): industrial engineering, business and management, economics, organizational behaviour, education

46. Journal of Hazardous Materials (ang.)

Subject (key words): assessment risk, waste, hazardous materials, work place health, pollution control processes, decontamination

47. Journal of Logging & Sawmills – Timber West (ang.)

Subject (key words): wood processing technology, mechanized harvesting, forestry

48. Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research (ang.)

Subject (key words): industrial development, technology management, technology forecasting, waste treatment

49. Journal of Urban and Environmental Engineering (ang.)

Subject (key words): water resources, waste management, urban design, transportation engineering

50. Mechanical Engineering – The Magazine of ASME (ang.)

Subject (key words): turbine engines, design to process and integrated systems, engineering management, technological advancements, mechanical engineering

51. Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection (ang.)

Subject (key words): nuclear power, accelerators, nuclear materials, waste management, environmental problems

52. Occupational Health and Safety Journal (ang.)

Subject (key words): health care, management health

53. Petroleum Chemistry (ang.)

Subject (key words): petroleum chemistry and processing, crude oils, natural gas liquids; petroleum refining, catalysts for petrochemical processes, activation and catalytic transformation of hydrocarbons and other components of petroleum, natural gas, complex organic mixtures

54. Risk Management Magazine (ang.)

Subject (key words): risk management, emerging techniques, protecting assets, risk analysis

55. Shock Waves (ang.)

Subject (key words): detonation phenomena, diagnostics, flow visualization, engineering

56. Urban Firefighter Magazine (ang.)

Subject (key words): firefighter, fire service, fire engine, emergency, tactical safety, fire departments, training

57. Wildfire Magazine (ang.)

Subject (key words): wildland fire, firefighting tactics, wildland urban interface, suppresion activities

58. 9-1-1 Magazine (ang.)

Subject (key words): radio systems, natural disasters, public safety, vehicles, emergency technologies, emergency, EMS